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Business Impact of Social Networking

I remembered when I was a little kid, we used to go to the library and spend countless hours at the index card section to sift through encyclopedias and then go and find all the information. Somedays you would spend the whole day at the library staring endlessly at vast amounts of information that was just alittle bit at a time or you’d find nothing. Then you’d have to look in another library. The task was exhausting somedays.

Long since then, I think the computer or the internet so to speak has provided such a great means of resources as well as garbage. Anyone can put up information, anyone can pick up the information and most likely, we may or may not validate on how true it is.

My role as a web designer and the business impact of social networking runs hand and hand but also parallel. As a web designer, I believe that being in a social network with other people that share and do the same things along the lines is fine. It helps me gain access to new clients and help build relationships with other people that I maybe useful to them or vice versa. I am hoping we are able to gather more data on people’s behaviors and habits that we can narrow down and be able to create more precise sites.

I also see this as a potential problem, as a web designer. I have ran into various other people that have told me that they design for the web only to find they only know how to drag and drop content onto a template. Which I frown upon in some aspects because I’ve heard some say that they were better designers than I was. It also depreciates the profession as people think they can do it with just the bare minimum out there.

The business aspect is going to be a challenge, I think people need to realize that this market can be lush with business and profit from it. Or it could crash us all. It’s interesting to see how they are going to get away from the pyramid scheme.


I am not clear about the name of the site

But here is my concept: I’ve lived in Dallas for several years and I barely know my city very well. I’ve had friends that came out of state and I have the slightest clue what goes on or where I should take them. I hate to take them to malls because they tend to have the same things. I want to take them places where local music is at or something that randomly happens every year.

So, here are some features to the site:
Sign In
Rate the place
Calendar – shows events that are happening in the area.

Search by price or genre

Attractions/Events: Concerts, Sports

Nightlife: I’m debating on if I wanted to put a section for clubs or something along those lines.

Entertainment: Something like Six Flags or Speed zone

Shopping: Places to shop, this one might be sketchy as far as what i want to display in here. I may or may not keep this section

Here are some of the areas of research I will be looking into to further flesh out the idea of my site

Case Histories and Designers

There were some case histories that I’ve looked into. One of them that Mr. Batchelder had shown me was which is Zeldman’s site.

The first one I came into was
It seemed like a very good site in executing how to go about a non profit site gaining a good amount of visitors. It really goes out and changes people on going to school.
This is such a well placed site for a cluttered type of enviroment. The presentation is clean and the hiearchy is well done.

Site Ideas:
So, I was really thinking of doing a personal assistant one. But I was told it was an application based. Maybe I could do a site…on something different. I just have no clue about it

I looked up a site and got some ideas, but I was totally not crazy about them
Wedding Planning
Entertainment like….rides, activities
Handy work

I have no idea what to really do, I need some ideas and suggestions if you have any. I haven’t fleshed out these ideas completely.


I know that HTML5 is suppose to be revolutionary.
But everyone is complaining about it and no one seems to look at some of the plus sides. Instead of having so many plugins by going to sites and activating these plugins. HTML5 is going to be a pain in your rear but really, I think it’s gonna make things run smoother. I used to not understand what I needed to do to watch a video or the millions of times I would install something and then you would have reinstall it! It just irks me and I was wanting to learn about computers. Just imagine the poor person who doesn’t understand the computer and was told by a friend to watch a video!?
I know most people are not going to care cause it’s not something they can visibly see or know until someone points it out. But if we know it, we know that it is something revolutionary and in time, it will become a standard

Progressive Enhancement
I spent a bit of time searching the web trying to understand progressive enhancement and felt more confused than I did with the last article. Several mentions of graceful degradations(which I didn’t know too much about) till I came across this article link listed above and it made a whole lot more sense than anything else.

I feel like that progressive enhancement is amazing. I mean why let browsers dictate when you can come out with a good update? you fall at the mercy of other people and making progress seems less rewarding. I mean building from the ground up proves more rewarding. Finding what people use (a small percentage of what they are using left) and then building up to the current browser really keeps up to date.

Intro and Final Flash

I didn’t put sound on it. It slipped my mind and when looking for sound, it wasn’t anything I had envisioned in my head.

So here’s my link

Flash Week 10

Here is an extremely rough idea of my intro. Likens and I had a talk about how my flash wouldn’t necessarily animate. So I think my problem is working with transitioning from still to still. So here you go. I wasn’t sure what to post so you get all the copies




Flash Preloader

Here is my flash preloader.

Flash Week 7

So I have my invisabutton on the first banner.

I know, I’m kind of lame, I didn’t know what to make for the second banner but I ended getting the first idea of the sun progressing through the day. I got a few kinks in it, I’m working on a few things but I enjoyed this one. I had a few ideas that could work.

CSS Positioning

This one was extremely basic but helped with pictures and such. Even the boxs along the time and bottom helped as well. I’m not always savvy with these kinds of materials but I understood what Batchelder said. But sometimes, pieces click in place when you see it explained in a different manner.

I’m having problems finding something worth my while. Either they find a quick brush up on positioning or people having problems with it. I found a site, it didn’t load but I am going to put it up on here so later on I can look at it

Anyone else running into the problem?